Our president Monique (Aubry) Frize publishes her memoirs

“A Woman in Engineering : Memoirs of a Trailblazer. An Autobiography” , Foreword by Ruby Heap, University of Ottawa Press 2019

Monique Frize is an acclaimed biomedical engineer and a important actor in favor of women in STEM issues in Canada. In her memoirs, she explores with her readers the events of her personal and professional life, and she explains how she overcame obstacles and succeeded in a masculine world.

She first remembers her youth in Montreal and Ottawa, notably her marked interest in mathematics and science.

Building on these early motivations, Monique Frize unfolds for us a fascinating and impressive career. Committed to a personal mission for increasing the participation of women in STEM, she volunteered her time in several international associations and organizations, which she sometimes created herself, such as the International Network or Women in Engineering and Sciences (INWES), and CIWES-ICFIS. Above all, she paved the way for several women scientists and engineers.