Our Objectives

The Institute catalyzes research and action to advance the education and success of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields through the following activities:

  1. Create and maintain an online resource centre (hub) and database on information concerning education in STEM fields.
  2. Promote the contributions of past and present women (especially BIPOC* women) in STEM to increase the visibility of role models.
  3. Foster and disseminate research concerning STEM fields as both an educational and career choice.
BIPOC* – Black, Indigenous and Persons of Colour

The Canadian Institute for Women in Engineering and Sciences (CIWES)

is a Canadian Charitable Organization.

Canadian Archive of Women in STEM

We are recovering and preserving material that defines the work and stories of women in STEM for use by future generations.

Annual Report

2019 Annual Report


CIWES-ICFIS new Directors

CIWES-ICFIS New Directors The organisation is expanding to increase its impact. On April 1st 2020, CIWES-ICFIS was pleased to welcome three new directors: Troy Eller English (archivist for the Society of Women Engineers, based at Wayne State University in Detroit),...

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Workshop 2019

Building The Canadian Archive of Women in STEM/Archives Canadiennes des femmes en STIM: The Next PhaseOn October 4th 2019, CIWES hosted a workshop entitled “Building The Canadian Archive of Women in STEM/ Archives canadiennes des femmes en STIM: The Next Phase” at the...

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New vision, new structure, new name

New vision, new structure, new name On June 24 2019, the Institute held a strategic planning with partner organisations which had worked and / or supported the Institute’s program and projects. Some of the key outcomes are: The main goal of the Institute was...

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