Archives Workshop 2020

Building The Canadian Archive of Women in STEM/
Archives Canadiennes des femmes en STIM: The Next Phase

On Friday October 4, 2019, the University of Ottawa Library, Library and Archives Canada (LAC), and CIWES (formerly INWES-ERI) held a second workshop as a strategic follow-up to the 2014 workshop Creating the Memories and Celebrating the Legacy of the Bold and the Brave: Building the Archives of Women Scientists and Engineers in Canada and to the launch of The Canadian Archive of Women in STEM at the University of Ottawa in June 2018.

This workshop brought together board members and guests from various archival institutions, governmental organizations and educational institutions supporting this initiative. Its aims were to establish a national network of expertise, for the benefit of current and future researchers, and to document the largely unknown history of women who have contributed to Canadian STEM.


Workshop 2020

“The history of women in STEM remains to be written. The Archive intends to become both a major source and a hub that will help increase interest in this field of research. At the same time, the Archive contains useful material for those interested in science policy, the history of technology and the development of STEM disciplines, including new areas such as biomedicine.”
Ruby Heap

Participants discussed the next steps and developed recommendations to ensure the long-term growth and sustainability of The Canadian Archive of Women in STEM. The main recommendations that emerged from this Workshop concerned building partnerships and collaborations, create a governance model including a steering committee, further develop the Portal itself and spell out its existence and usefulness, and address sustainability through fundraising and in kind participations.

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